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Comedian, One Man Band, Comedy Juggler, Stilt Walker
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Stilt Walker

Seattle-based comedian, one man band, juggler, unicyclist and variety entertainer Eric Haines adds a wild and wooly comedy flavor to fair and festival venues!

In addition to his STAGE SHOW, Eric provides unparalleled interactive roving entertainment with TEN FOOT TALL STILT CHARACTERS, including a  Medieval Jester, Pirate, Cowboy, Circus Ringmaster, Pterodactyl or Uncle Sam. Abstract costumes are also available. He also roves as a juggler or crazy unicyclist.

As a professional comedian Eric makes an ideal Master of Ceremonies, announcing the show’s sponsors and making the time between acts entertaining.

Stilt walker Eric Haines stilt walking poster. Look up! 

Master stilt walker Eric Haines proves once and for all that eating your vegetables will make you grow big and tall.

Ten-foot tall Uncle Sam, Extra Long John Silver the Pirate, Long Tall Cowboy, Medieval Jester, Monster Pterodactyl and The Greatest Circus Ringmaster on Earth are on the loose!

Watch out for these characters!Eric Haines as a stilt ten foot tall tin soldier, Christmas at Seatac.Eric Haines as a stilt ten foot tall Peppermint Man, Christmas at Seatac.

Exceptional tall stilt characters  Uncle Sam, Cowboy, Pirate, Jester, Ringmaster , Pterodactyl, Jack Pumpkinhead, Toy Soldier, and more, by master stilt-walker Eric Haines!

The fast-juggling medieval court jester plays catch, both on stilts and on the ground as a unicyclist and interactive character. The ringmaster ballyhoos passersby as the next coming attraction in center ring. The pterodactyl spreads it's wings. Uncle Sam glitters in red, white and blue.


There's a tall character for any event, whether your theme is medieval, patriotic, circus, pirate,  western, Halloween or Christmas.

Seattle one-man band Eric Haines, playing Christmas songs.Rocket Man Eric Haines, on his way to help Santa pull the sleigh.Eric Haines with Bobby McMeans and Jason Rariden, the Fables of the West. 
Text Box: All content © Eric Haines, All Rights Reserved. 
Content may be used, with permission, only to promote Eric Haines. 
Eric Haines lives in  Washington state. He is a comedian, one man band, stilt walker, comedy juggler and variety artist. 
Jack Pumkinhead stilt character for Scarecrow Festival, 2011. comedyrocket.comJack Pumkinhead stilt character for Scarecrow Festival, 2011. comedyrocket.comText Box: HALLOWEEN stilt characters:

Jack Skellington was a character for the Seagals (Seahawks) Halloween Halftime show Oct. 30th, 2011. 

Jack Pumpkinhead stands eleven feet tall. The head pictured is about 30” in diameter. 

Pterodactyl makes a startling addition to any Halloween event!

Hire Seattle stilt walker Eric Haines!
HalloweenText Box: CHRISTMAS
Eric Haines
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Santa Claus and one man band Eric Haines. 

Comedyrocket.comCandy Cane Man Eric Haines, stilt walker, with Heidi Klingendorfer at Christmas.Stilt Pterodactyl Eric Haines spreads his wings. comedyrocket.comEric Haines
Stilt Walker, pterodactyl bites head
http://comedyrocket.comJack Skellington stilt character for the Seagals 2011 Halloween halftime show. Text Box: Christmas entertainment, with 
Christmas Roving and Stilt Characters:

Toy Soldier looks like the guards at Buckingham palace.

Peppermint Man, has a red and white striped outfit, curly red shoes and a long red and white Santa hat. He hands out candy canes.

Rocket Man can also zip through with a daredevil/ reindeer helmet, on his way to audition to lead Santa's sleigh!

One Man Band has 
Christmas songs to play.

Seattle Times photo of Christmas Rocket Man 
Here's a nice picture of me doing a high kick on stilts for the Macy's parade, courtesy of the Seattle Times. 
Eric Haines as the Yeti
With Jungle Terry at the IX Indoor Amusement Park Cleveland Ohio