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RETURN TO TOP OF PAGECover art for Eric Haines comedy music album, "Tease a Tiger, inappropriate songs for any occasion." Original by Eric Haines, copyright Eric Haines, all rights reserved.
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I used to build a professional ventriloquist figure. 
Here's a link to a nice picture of me doing a high kick on stilts for the 2012 Macy's parade, courtesy of the Seattle Times. of the book Head Hands and Feet by Dave Harris, with a hyperlink to the website to buy the book.



Yes, I was the one man band on the Gong Show


 I was invited on stage at the Big and Rich concert in Fresno, CA, where I played Jambalaya. Thank you to Big and Rich, and especially to Cowboy Troy, who saw me playing outside the arena and had the production team contact me to make me part of the concert. It was very gracious of them.


An article in Time Magazine


I was featured in a blog by Amy Fulton, complete with an interview and art pictures.


 My friend Alan Breuss has a podcast about the interesting folks in the fair industry. I’ve been interviewed, and also  co-hosted a few, and will be returning as co-host on the new season. I highly recommend Tailgate Entertainer.


A story and video of one man band at the airport, courtesy of King 5 News:


A link about my comedian/ variety act

A video clip courtesy of the Tri-City Herald:

An article in the Everett Herald about me being a one man band

A One man band  article from the Tri-Cities Herald

Video from the Washington State Fair, 2014

A link to an article about my friends Matt and Louie



Click for a Link to Articles by Eric Haines: About "Hack" material, Choosing Material, Clean or Dirty; Technical Juggling and Laughs per Minute



My songs have been featured on the Dr. Demento Show! 

Please join the club and request my songs! Featured in episodes: DR. DEMENTO'S ZOO 0921  TWO WHEELS 0914  SHORT SONGS 0907  TOP TEN 0904

My CD of comedy songs, Tease a Tiger, inappropriate songs for any occasion,  is AVAILABLE NOW!

You'll Find my songs on many episodes at The Mad Music Archive, where you can order the entire CD as a download!


Comedian School:

Helpful links about starting out in the field of comedy and comedy writing. 


General guidelines for acts starting out: Carls cheap course at    Thanks to Carl Warmenhoven for some of the best and most concise advice about comedy


Standup FAQ


The Hack FAQ

  Read my article “About Hack Material,”  to find out why I disagree with some points in the Hack FAQ. Nonetheless, some good points, especially if you're strictly a stand-up comedian auditioning for jaded industry types. 


 Books: Judy Carter's Comedy Bible, Gene Perret’s Comedy Writing Workbook.


I recommend that you take all advice about comedy with a grain of salt. Do what works.



The Circus of Dreams has successfully raised  over $50,000 for pediatric brain tumor research at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center (  I had the pleasure of participating in the show in 2009 and 2010.


I was a tour actor/director for Missoula Children’s Theater  for several years. A great new documentary about the MCT experience has just been released, called the Little Red Truck. As a former tour actor I got to view a private screening of the documentary in Redmond, WA. You’ll be moved and inspired by the story.



A photo from a recent gig at Fort Lewis: .

A photo from a culinary arts competition in the Kitsap Sun newspaper.

In Oct. of 2011 I did a halftime show for the Seahawks as a stilt-walking Jack Skellington. Here are two links to videos of the character.

Link to a photo essay featuring my comedy juggling show in the Tacoma Weekly

Link to a 2010 story about me on King 5 News. One Man Band segment is at the half way mark.

Link to Seattle times picture of the Holiday version of Rocket Man:

Check out new Youtube videos

Neil Gaiman Gives Graduates 10 Essential Tips for Working in the Arts

THE definitive publication to date about one man bands is a book by Dave Harris, entitled “Head, Hands and Feet.” 



Friends making waves:


Some comedians with comedy-based variety acts to watch for are Matt Baker, Louie Foxx, Steve Hamilton, Bill RobisonAlex Zerbe, and Jeff Evans.


Watch for comedians David Crowe on Showtime, and Dan Cummins and Jeff Dye on Comedy Central.  Fellow Missoulian Chris Fairbanks is on the television show “Almost Genius.” Watch Kermet Apio, Brad Upton , Duane Goad, Rodney Sherwood, and Bengt Washburn because they are funny.



2004 Las Vegas comedy festival review:

“I've never been a big fan of musical and variety comedy acts (with the rare exception - a shout out to Throwing Toasters!), and this show was a perfect example of why. Out of the 10 acts performing, only two of them DIDN'T cause my ears to bleed... and sadly, a 20% quality ratio was actually 10% better than I was expecting, too. Performers Eric Haines out of Seattle and Nicholas Anthony out of Chicago were a couple of breaths of fresh air in the otherwise stale (and sparsely attended) show - Nicholas had a quick hand with a bit of magic and an even quicker wit, and Eric... well... I don't know what the hell he did. He joked, he sang, he jumped around, he molested random people in the audience... I was exhausted just watching him. But the audience thought he was hysterical - and that means he did his job, and exceptionally well, if the laughs were any indicator.”  -Ken Pringle,


Social links for Eric Haines in plain text


I always know when Eric Haines is performing in Circus of Dreams from backstage (as I am the executive producer). MY STAFF IS ALWAYS LAUGHING. Eric is hilarious and incredibly talented. He is always a favorite at my shows.  -Jenn Wrenn Henry, Executive producer, Circus of Dreams


All content © Eric Haines, All Rights Reserved.

Content may be used, with permission, only to promote Eric Haines.

Eric Haines lives in  Washington state. He is a comedian, one man band, stilt walker, comedy juggler and variety artist.


Hire comedian, one man band, juggler and stilt walker Eric Haines!

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Fresno Bee 
Fresno Fair's one-man band

Click on the picture below for a link to a picture gallery of my professional ventriloquist figure build.